Support & Consulting

We offer a comprehensive and flexible range of support and consulting services including MLA and QEMSCAN data processing and evaluation, geometallurgical modelling, evaluation of resource potentials, assessment of global raw material availability as well as MLA trainings.



Interpretation of MLA and QEMSCAN data

Interpretation of MLA and QEMSCAN data

Our clients receive a detailed analysis report containing a comprehensive description and interpretation of the analytical data. The report is divided into three main sections: Methodology, Results and Illustrations. The Methodology section contains a complete account of sample preparation and method of measurement. The Results are then described using text, tables and diagrams. The Figures section shows both the overview images and mineral maps of each sample, as well as a selection of relevant particles and mineral grains. Based on the analytical data, we also offer to assist you in developing new concepts for process optimization and determine the best processing strategy for your materials.

Evaluation and interpretation of data sets from external analyses

Do you already have MLA and/or QEMSCAN data sets that need to be evaluated? We offer professional and time-efficient processing of external MLA and QEMSCAN raw data sets. After processing and evaluation, our customers receive the results as required, in the form of a presentation or detailed analysis report.

Furthermore, we offer our clients to review existing analytical results regarding quality and reliability.

Evaluation of mineral deposits

Find out whether and when investments in the mining sector are worthwhile. We uncover critical aspects and risks of potential mineral deposits and determine the profitability of prospects and exploration projects for you. Minimize your project risk by obtaining the maximum amount of information. Our evaluation is based on objective criteria and takes into account potential processing strategies. While focusing on the examination of geological, mineralogical and process-relevant parameters, the evaluation also covers geopolitical, infrastructural and environmental aspects.

Global availability of commodities

We specialize in consultancy services on the global availability of metals relevant for the green- and high-tech industries. This mostly includes specialty metals like lithium, zirconium and the rare earths, as well as by-products such as cobalt, gallium, germanium and indium. Relevant mining operations are systematically identified, and an overview of current supply potentials is compiled. Based on the results, we derive scenarios for current and future supply as well as the sourcing of these metals.

For the specialty metals, additional data is collected on exploration projects to provide an overview of global reserves and resources. This may be extended by the identification of new prospective regions for specialty metal exploration.

MLA training courses

In cooperation with the KIC EIT RawMaterials - Regional Center Freiberg we offer training courses in automated materials characterization („An Introduction to Automated Materials Characterization“). The course is designed for people working in the fields of mineral exploration, mining, minerals processing, aggregates/construction materials, metals, specialty glasses, environmental technology as well as oil and gas.

Using automated materials characterization enables you to characterize your raw materials and products accurately, and to detect and reduce materials losses. This will in turn help you to reduce process-, energy- and production costs.