MLA Results

The results of the MLA analyses include data for material characterization as well as various processing relevant parameters.

Modal Mineralogy

The “Modal Mineralogy” describes the quantitative modal composition of the sample.

Calculated Assay

The “Calculated Assay” provides information on the calculated elemental composition of the sample.

Elemental Distribution

The “Elemental Distribution” shows in which minerals/phases certain elements occur and in which proportions.

Mineral locking

The parameters “Mineral Locking” and “Mineral Association” provide information about intergrowths of the minerals of interest.

Particle Density Distribution

The parameter of “Particle Density Distribution” specifies the density class distribution of all particles in the sample.

Particle Size

The “Particle Size” shows an overview of the particle size distribution of all particles in the sample.

Mineral Grain Size

The parameter “Mineral Grain Size” allows to make statements about the mineral grain size distributions of selected minerals.

Phase specific surface area

The “Phase Specific Surface Area” (PSSA) describes the ratio of the combined lengths of mineral grain boundaries to the corresponding combined mineral grain areas of a mineral type. In general, grains with a high PSSA are rather fine-grained and finely disseminated. Grains with a lower PSSA are larger and easier to liberate during processing.

theoretical mineral grade

The parameter “Theoretical Mineral Grade/Recovery” shows the theoretically maximum recovery of selected minerals compared to the mineral grade of a particular particle population.

theoretical elemental grade

The parameter “Theoretical Elemental Grade/Recovery” gives a similar statement to the previous parameter, but with respect to selected elements.

Mineral Liberation

The “Mineral Liberation” can be computed in two types: 1) mineral liberation by particle composition and 2) mineral liberation by free surface, and indicates the recovery of selected minerals in certain classes of liberation.

Mineral Maps

In addition to the various parameters, sample overview images ('mineral maps') as well as images of specific mineral groups can be extracted.