Re-Mining - explore the potential of your tailings!

Mining residues and tailings have great potential worldwide as a future source of raw materials. Many of these wastes still contain valuable minerals or metals such as gold, copper, or zinc, which can be effectively recovered using new technologies and processes. A holistic evaluation of mining residues and tailings thus enables a meaningful optimization of one's own resource portfolio.

ERZLABOR takes a holistic approach to evaluating the processability and recyclability of tailings piles. In this way, the volume of tailings and overburden can be significantly reduced while minimizing the risks of instability that can lead to potential collapses or dam failures.

We consider not only the separation of valuable components, but also that of penalty elements. We collect the necessary quantitative data for the exact determination of mineralogy and geochemistry, grain, and particle properties. This data is used to create chemical and mineralogical models and to create mineral or metal distribution maps. Together with partners, we carry out processing tests, simulate the processing behavior of the tailings and evaluate the possible processing capability of the material.


Acid Mine Drainage, RSA (© Jens Gutzmer)
Mining Residues, DE (© Lutz Geissler)
Tailing, RSA (© Jens Gutzmer)