We combine scientific expertise with the latest technology, focusing on our clients´ needs. Our range of services includes statistically reliable analyses of complex materials as well as high-quality sample preparation and consulting services.

Automated Materials Characterization

ERZLABOR performs rapid, statistically reliable and detailed characterization on a wide range of natural and artificial materials. We offer both MLA (Mineral Liberation Analyzer) and QEMSCAN (Quantitative Evaluation of Minerals by Scanning Electron Microscopy) analyses and therefore provide a maximum of analytical information. In addition to quantitative characterization, we determine numerous parameters relevant to exploration and processing. Our analytical services are solution-oriented and tailored to each client’s specific needs.


  • improved material understanding

  • quantification of mineralogy and metal deportment

  • identification of material attributes relevant for beneficiation

  • increases in resource and energy efficiency

  • reduction of material losses

  • prediction of environmental impacts

  • detection and identification of critical impurities

X-Ray Analytics (XRD / XRF)

X-ray analytical techniques provide the opportunity to identify the mineral (XRD) or chemical (XRF) composition of the material of interest quickly, precisely and cost-efficiently.


  • accurate and rapid results

  • fast and easy sample preparation

  • analysis of powder samples (no digestion needed)

Sample Preparation

Perfectly polished sample material is an essential prerequisite to achieve ideal measurement conditions and reliable materials characterization. ERZLABOR offers high-quality polished sections of solid and granular materials in different formats and sizes, including grain mounts, embeddings, single grain embeddings, thin and thick sections, as well as doubly polished wafers.


  • state-of-the-art equipment

  • innovative preparation procedures

  • broad range of sample preparation techniques

  • handling of fine-grained and complex materials

Support and Consulting

We assist you with strategic planning and offer professional consultancy services relating to the evaluation of MLA and QEMSCAN data, including the development of reliable geometallurgical models. These can be used to predict process performance for individual mined blocks, and thus to optimize operational performance. We also offer more general evaluation services for the resource potential of specific ore deposits, and conduct market studies to assess e.g. the global availability of commodities such as indium, lithium or cobalt, helping you to make key decisions to advance your business.


  • reliable data and forecasts

  • predictive planning and effective risk management

  • reduced costs and increased time efficiency

  • increase of raw material recovery